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GTL has been awarded numerous construction contracts over the years involving highway roadwork, holding dams, municipal infrastructure upgrades and commercial site work.  Below is a list of construction projects completed by GTL over the last twenty five plus years.





Edward Street Project - City of Miramichi

Located in the former Town of Newcastle, this is a municipal infrastructure upgrading project including the installation of modern plumbing and roadway grading and resurfacing.

      Woodlots Training Centre - Village of Loggieville

GTL was recently awarded a contract to perform foundation and site excavation work for the NWOA's new training facility.
      Lincoln Loop - City of Fredericton

Extending from the Lincoln Road to the NBLC access road, this project included the upgrading of the current water main and sanitary sewer systems.
  2005   Food Pad - Acadian Construction

Located in the recently developed Miramichi Power Centre, GTL provided site work for the construction of the new Boston Pizza and strip mall complex's.
      Old King George Highway/Cove Road - City of Miramichi

Infrastructure improvement including curbing, sidewalks, plumbing and roadway resurfacing.
      Staples Strip Mall - Miramichi Power Centre Development

Contracted by Rideau Construction, GTL was undertook the development of the proposed site, access roads and sanitary, storm and water main installations.
  2004   Wal-Mart Roadway - Plaza Development

As a sub-contractor, GTL was provided the task of constructing the Douglastown Blvd. road leading to the Wal-Mart Power Centre and relocating the Route 8 on ramp .
      Southside Sewerage Collection - City of Miramichi

From Ellis Street to King Street, GTL was responsible for the installation of new sanitary sewage line linking to a recently constructed Lift Station.
  2003   Old King George Highway, Phase II - City of Miramichi

Municipal infrastructure upgrading including water, sanitary and storm sewer.
      Old King George Highway, Mary Street, Gremley Drive - City of Miramichi

Municipal infrastructure upgrading including water, sanitary and storm sewer.
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